On X Games Mode

What does on X Games mode mean?

Doing something extreme very well

Someone who is "on X Games mode" is doing something incredibly cool incredibly well ... unless the phrase is being used sarcastically. Then, it means the person is failing quite hard. You're most likely to encounter this phrase on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms, in comments on feats of skill or "skill."

Origin of on X Games mode

ICYMI, the X Games are an extreme sports competition in which skateboarders, snowboarders, motocross riders, and others attempt to perform incredibly sick stunts.

In 2015, Vine user @she_skin posted a video in which a skateboarder briefly wallrides, and the videographer says (perhaps sarcastically) "he on X Games mode." This video went viral, and the phrase "on X Games mode" has been used on social media and in memes ever since. In 2020, the phrase enjoyed a TikTok-based resurgence, as users began adding the original "he on X Games mode" audio clip to their videos.


Look at how she's chopping those onions ... my gosh she's on X Games mode!
Yes, you can even brunch on X Games mode
Yes, you can even brunch on X Games mode

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Updated April 28, 2022

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