1. What does gas mean in online gaming?


In gaming, gas means "awesome" or "great." It is most commonly used as part of the phrase "that's gas," to describe a situation in which a gamer sets up a future sick move.

Where does gas come from?

Gas is an offshoot of the terms fire and lit, which are used to describe things that are amazing or exciting. It turns out, both real life and online fires require fuel. "Gas" and "that's gas" describe the moments in which a gamer navigates toward a future lit move - either by playing skillfully or lucking into an advantageous situation.

How is gas used?

You can say "gas" or "that's gas" any time a gamer sets up or lucks into a dope move. For example, while watching Magic: The Gathering (MTG) on Twitch, you can say "that's gas" in Twitch chat when a player topdecks the exact card they need.


Welp, that's a solid move.
Yup, that's gas.

An appropriate time to enter "GAS" in chat

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Updated March 25, 2021
2. What does Gas stand for?

Gear Acquisition Syndrome

GAS is when you can't stop collecting gear, such as musical instruments or other tech. Musicians often suffer from GAS, believing that the more equipment they acquire, the better they will play.

Men typically suffer from GAS, although women can too. Conversely, women often suffer from CAS (men can, too, of course).

You will usually see people use GAS jokingly in various places, including texts, online messages, and web forums. For example, a gf may text her friend that she's going broke buying stuff for her bf because of his GAS.


Guys who have succumbed to GAS often frequent Best Buy.
Yeah, many have opened a credit card there.

When you find some new gear

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Updated September 6, 2022
3. What does Gas stand for?

Greetings and salutations

Shorthand for a common greeting; however, most people don't like to be greeted by GAS.


GAS, how is everybody today?

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Updated August 7, 2013

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