What does ONYD stand for?

Oh no you didn't

ONYD is shorthand for the "Oh no you didn't!" catchphrase popularized in the 1990s. People may use it in messages or on social media as another way to say, "I can't believe you did that!" (when surprised in a good or bad manner).

For example, you may text your friend "ONYD!" after they reveal they told their kids Santa Claus wouldn't give them gifts unless they went to bed. Or, your sister may share that she got the job promotion, and you respond with, "ONYD! Congrats, gurl!!"

When uttered, people often pronounce the phrase "Oh no you dih-int" while snapping their fingers and looking the other way to convey some sassiness. Therefore, a sender of "ONYD" may also imply sassiness when sending.


Did you know I ran a marathon this past summer?
ONYD! R u serious? I thought u didn't even like running!

The classic ONYD delivery

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Updated July 19, 2023

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