What does OTB mean in sports betting?

Off the board

Those who gamble on sporting events use OTB to mean "off the board." A game that is OTB is not available to bet on currently (but may return to the board later, with adjusted odds).

Most commonly, bookies take a game OTB in response to a significant event that will likely alter the game's outcome. For example, if a game changes from home to away, or a player gets hurt before the game, the game may go OTB.

What else does OTB stand for in sports betting?

Those betting on horse races may instead use OTB to mean "off-track betting." However, because other forms of sports betting are now more common, OTB more likely means "off the board." (Unless, of course, you're talking about horse races.)


They took next week's Eagles game OTB!
Well yeah, what did you expect? Bookies aren't gonna give you the same odds after the Eagles' QB got mangled
In sports gambling, OTB most commonly means "off the board"
In sports gambling, OTB most commonly means "off the board"

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Updated July 14, 2023

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