What does handcuff mean?

A fantasy football backup player

Handcuff is a fantasy football (FFB) term that describes a backup player that will replace the starter because of suspension, injury, or poor play. The position is usually a RB that will take over the majority of the carries if the starting RB gets injured.

Since football is a full contact sport injuries are inevitable in every game. Many players get injured every week, especially running backs, so FFB owners often draft one or two handcuffs as a safety net for when their running backs get hurt. This strategy is particularly effective when the handcuff plays on a run-heavy team, which means he'll get more chances to score points.


I drafted Mckinnon as a handcuff to Peterson in case he gets hurt
Andre Brown handcuff for Arian Foster
Andre Brown handcuff for Arian Foster

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Updated September 25, 2018

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