What does flier mean?

Gamble on a risky player

A flier is a term that refers to a gamble on a person who has high potential but comes with risks. It is commonly used in sports, especially fantasy football (FFB).

In general use, the term may be used on a person who has questionable character traits but could still be redeemed. It could be a troubled teenager, homeless adult, or and addict.

In fantasy sports, like FFB, it describes a player that has potential but comes with some faults, such as being injury prone, lacking experience, or behind a more talented player. A fantasy owner takes a flier when they draft someone higher than his ADP or picks up a risky player from the waiver wire or free agency.


I took a flier on Gordon and he ended up playing as my WR1 for most of the season

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Updated October 20, 2016

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