What does PITA stand for?

Pain in the a**


While the acronym PITA might make you think of a delicious, yeast-leavened flatbread, it actually stands for "pain in the a**." This type of PITA is usually neither delicious nor yeast-leavened. Instead, it is someone or something that is especially annoying.

Where did PITA originate?

The phrase pain in the a** is commonly used to describe irksome individuals, items, and situations. PITA is an acronymized version of the phase.

How is PITA used?

If someone you're talking to has labeled someone or something else a PITA, they probably don't like that person or thing. For example, if your boss is being especially harsh or demanding this week, your co-workers may say your boss is being a PITA.


This job wasn't too great before, but now it's become a real PITA

A couple of PITAs

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Updated June 17, 2021

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