What is pmsl short for?

Piss myself laughing

When you are laughing so hard you feel like you might pee, you can send "pmsl," which is short for "piss myself laughing." It is a variation of the "PMP" and "PIMP" acronyms.

Most people send pmsl online when messaging or in social media posts accompanying a funny image or video. People may also send it in a text message when reacting to something funny another person sent.

Of course, the abbreviation is typically used in a hyperbolic manner. Most people wouldn't text that they are peeing their pants. Instead, they would probably be changing their underwear or too incapacitated from laughing to text.

Some examples of when you might send pmsl include reacting to a hilarious fail video or an on-point meme. Or your friend may reference an inside joke and you can't stop yourself from cracking up.


I pmsl every time I re-watch that vacation video!

Jimmy pees himself laughing every night

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Updated September 14, 2021

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