What does PMP stand for?

Peed my pants

PMP is an unfortunate biological malfunction caused by laughing really hard, but most often just used to emphasize how funny something is. It is a variation of the PIMP acronym and pmsl abbreviation.

People typically send PMP online when messaging or in social media posts accompanying a funny image or video or in text messages. The acronym is obviously hyperbolic, but in some cases may be true for those with little bladder control.

Some examples of when you might send PMP include reacting to a hilarious kid video or a very clever and humorous meme. Or, your parent may have just committed an epic texting fail.

In some cases, people may use PMP to denote that they got really scared and peed a little. They may have just watched a scary movie or saw something frightening done by their friend.


Haha, I almost PMP!
Me, too!

Kevin may have peed his pants laughing

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Updated September 14, 2021

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