What does PMPL mean?

Piss my pants laughing

PMPL is a somewhat graphic way of saying that you are laughing very hard. Most people use it when texting or messaging online, and sometimes in forums and on social media, when reacting to a hilarious story, video, or meme.

Losing bladder control due to laughter is an unfortunate biological malfunction of the human design that some people struggle with more than others. However, most people that use it do so in a hyperbolic fashion.

For example, when a parent commits an epic texting blunder, you may screenshot it and send it to your sister with the caption "PMPL!" Or, your friend may send a TikTok of a rapping squirrel, and you respond with "OMG, PMPL!"


Check out this fail vid.
PMPL! That lady's face at the end was priceless!

That PMPL feeling

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Updated October 4, 2022

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