What does PMWOF stand for?

Putting more wood on the fire

When you are "putting more wood on the fire," you intentionally or accidentally make a situation objectively worse. You may be antagonizing a person or making a solution impossible to achieve due to some mixture of incompetence and clumsiness.

Putting more wood on a literal fire makes it burn hotter and longer. Metaphorically, the fire may refer to an argument or another type of conflict, like a mismanaged work project.

Some people like to make situations worse because they like drama and seeing other people in turmoil. These people enjoy putting "more wood" on a "fire" with their triggering words and actions.

You will most likely see PMWOF used in text messages and online. It is especially used on social media, where heated discussions are commonplace.


You should probs stop talking cuz you are just PMWOF

Not sure if he is intentionally PMWOF for entertainment

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Updated March 1, 2021

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