What does PWOF stand for?

Putting wood on the fire

When you are "putting wood on the fire" you are making a situation worse. You may be antagonizing a person with your words or making a solution difficult to attain due to incompetence.

The saying comes from feeding an actual fire by putting more logs on it. Literally, additional wood helps the fire grow bigger and last longer.

Metaphorically, the fire typically refers to an argument between strangers, friends, or family. However, the fire may also be some other sort of conflict, like a company's website being down or a family road trip gone awry.

Putting wood on the metaphorical fire increases the intensity of the situation, and makes it last longer too. The "wood" may be triggering words or actions in a heated argument or poor critical thinking due to stress or other effects.


If you keep arguing with him, I think you are just PWOF

When your sister is PWOF to make you mad

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Updated March 1, 2021

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