1. What does HTH stand for in forums and email?

Hope this helps

People often end messages in which they've offered advice with HTH (hope this helps). This acronym expresses a person's hope that you'll find their opinion or guidance useful.

If you did find the person's advice helpful, you should send them a follow-up TY message. They are likely invested in your success and would appreciate knowing their counsel helped you out.


So if you defragment your hard drive, it should run a little faster. HTH!
It did, thanks!
A use of HTH on Reddit
A use of HTH on Reddit

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Updated November 20, 2022
2. What does HTH stand for?

Happy to help

When a person thanks you online or in a text for helping with something, you can reply with "HTH," which means you were happy to help. It is a pleasantry that can be used whether or not you were actually happy to help.

Instances when you might send HTH include after being thanked for helping a person move, providing information to a co-worker, or emailing a family photo to a cousin making a slideshow. Customer service representatives are also very familiar with the HTH sentiment.

Other acronym responses similar to HTH include "NTN," "NP," and "DMI."


Thx so much for cooking food last night!

He's HTH

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Updated August 11, 2021
3. What does HTH stand for in messages of surprise?

How the heck


Incredulous people use HTH to stand for "how the heck." You might encounter this acronym in text, chat, or social media messages, written by someone who is shocked about something.

For example, if you send your friend a video of Joey Chestnut (the reigning hot dog eating champion) downing dogs, your friend might reply with "OMG, HTH does he do that?" Or, if you share a video of David Copperfield disappearing the Statue of Liberty on Facebook, a friend might comment "HTH is that even possible?!?"


$7 for a dozen eggs! HTH can they justify that price?

TMW all you can think is "HTH?!"

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Updated January 13, 2023

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