Presidential Flashcards

What are presidential flashcards?

U.S. dollars

Presidential flashcards is a cheeky alternative name for U.S. dollars. This slang term is inspired by the fact that different denominations of U.S. dollars prominently feature different U.S. presidents (and other notable political figures).

Most people who use the term presidential flashcards picked it up from the movie That Thing You Do!, which released in 1996. In a memorable scene from the movie, guitarist Leonard "Lenny" Haise refers to a pile of U.S. dollars as presidential flashcards.


Got a nice set of presidential flashcards from waitressing this weekend. Can I take you out for dinner?
Heck yes!
TMW you spill your deck of presidential flashcards
TMW you spill your deck of presidential flashcards

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Updated December 18, 2023

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