What does PS3 stand for?

PlayStation 3

Gamers use the acronym PS3 to refer to the Sony PlayStation 3. Sony released the first version of the PS3 (sometimes referred to as the "thick" model) in 2006. That initial release was followed by the PS3 Slim in 2009 and the PS3 Super Slim in 2012 - each of which packed the PS3's power into progressively thinner consoles.

Notably, the PS3 was one of the first video game consoles that could play Blu-ray discs and stream television and movies via Netflix (and other streaming services). The PS3 also allowed players to purchase games, play games, and share achievements over the online PlayStation Network.

Sony officially discontinued the PS3 in 2017, four years after the release of the PS4. However, many PS3 games, including The Last of Us, Mass Effect 2, Uncharted, and the God of War series, remain popular among gamers.


I'm still rocking my PS3, because it still does everything I need it to
A couple different models of PS3
A couple different models of PS3

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Updated April 5, 2022

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