What does PTSO stand for on social media?

Put that stuff on


Those discussing fly outfits use PTSO to mean "put that stuff on." (Or a more crass variation.) You're most likely to encounter PTSO on TikTok, when someone is showing off their own drip or complimenting someone else's.

How PTSO is used

When someone says you PTSO, it means they think you pulled together an awesome fit. For example, someone complimenting your outfit might say "You really PTSO; looking straight fire."

OTOH, when someone says they PTSO, it means they think their own outfit is gas. If you also dig that person's threads, you can reply with "Based, you PTSO."


What do you think of my fit?
Boyyy, you really PTSO!
On TikTok, PTSO is often used as a hashtag
On TikTok, PTSO is often used as a hashtag

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Updated May 19, 2023

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