What does OTOH stand for?

On the other hand

OTOH is an acronym that stands for "On the other hand," which is another way to say, "From the other perspective..." The acronym is most often seen in text messages and online when there isn't much space for characters.

The acronym comes from a saying that has biological origins. Most human bodies feature two hands that can function independently from each other. Doing or holding something with one hand totally separate from the other hand is like thinking about something or someone from a totally different angle than another perspective.

OTOH is often used when deliberating about the merits of something that happened or will happen. But instead of a person thinking aloud by verbally saying "On the other hand," he is texting or typing "OTOH" aloud.


OTOH, e-mail has certainly made communication with friends and family easier

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Updated September 18, 2019

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