Pump Fakin

What does pump fakin mean?

Pretending to be tough

Pump fakin is when you boast about being tougher than you actually are. The term originated in the rap community as a way to refer to when people attempt to intimidate others by reaching to the waistband of their pants to grab an imaginary gun or knife in response to a perceived threat.

The term has spawned several songs, most notably the 2021 Pump Fakin' track by Mitchy Slick and Damu. The term comes from the sports world, most prominently in football when a quarterback acts like he's going to throw the ball to dupe a defender and get a receiver open.

Literal pump fakin

People may literally pump fake in response to a threat or to impress someone. For example, if a car is following you slowly down an alley, you may literally reach for your waistband to act like you have a weapon.

Figurative pump fakin

People may also accuse people of figuratively pump fakin when they are acting tough or showing off but are unable to back it up. For example, if someone claims they grew up on the streets but really lived in the suburbs, a person may call them out for pump fakin.


Brad was pump fakin at the club and got called out on it
I've never seen someone run so fast. ROFL
Pump fakin tweet
Pump fakin tweet

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Updated September 21, 2022

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