Tat has 2 meanings
1. What is tat short for?


Tat is short for "tattoo," which may be temporary or permanent ink or dye inserted into the skin on a person's body. It is commonly used as a noun, but may also be used as a verb to refer to getting a tattoo.

Tattoos have been utilized for thousands of years by different cultures. The tats may be symbolic, a depiction of something specific, or just for decoration.

Some people get tats for honorable purposes, such as memorializing loved ones or expressing themselves artistically by using their bodies as canvases. However, others may get tats for more superficial reasons, like wanting to appear tough and intimidate others or look sexy.


He's one of those rockers that has tats all over his body

Getting some matching tats with your best bro

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Updated October 6, 2020
2. What does TAT stand for in online chat?

This and that

When used as an acronym in online chat, TAT may stand for "this and that." Those who use TAT this way are saying they haven't been up to much lately - or at least nothing worth specifically mentioning.

For example, after you ask someone what they did this weekend, they may respond with "TAT, mostly just hung out and relaxed." This means the person did not do much of import over the weekend. (Except for indulging in a round of self-care.)


Whatchu been ^2 lately?
Oh, just TAT, nothing super exciting

Sometimes you just don't want to tell people what you've been up to

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Updated June 20, 2023

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