What does purr mean on TikTok?

Expression of approval

Purr is a way to show your approval or contentment with something, much like how a cat audibly purrs. People often use it online, especially on social sites like TikTok and Instagram, to show approval of themselves or someone else (e.g., they may be satisfied with another person, a new hairstyle, a vacation spot, etc.).

For example, your friend may post several selfies of her new fit with the "purr" caption. You might also see purr when messaging. For example, you may send a picture of your feet to your BFF as you tan poolside, and they respond with, "Purr gurl."

Origin of purr

The slang term "purr" originates from Rolling Ray, a social media influencer that verbally would say "purr" or "awww puuurrr" regarding things he liked. The term gained popularity in 2020 and became a trend on TikTok as people shared things they approved of with Rolling Ray's purr voice clip.


u like my nails?
omg purr
Purr on TikTok
Purr on TikTok

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Updated September 1, 2023

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