What does periodt mean?

An expression of emphasis

Periodt is a way to emphasize an opinion or end a discussion online. It is a more dramatic version of an actual period, similar to an exclamation point, but is spelled with a "t" added to the end of it.

Periodt is primarily used online since it is very difficult to pronounce the word's ending "t" in real life. You will most often see periodt on social sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

The term became mainstream popular in 2018, but its origins trace back to the Black gay community (the spelling is meant to mimic a Black speech pattern) in the 1990s. It grew in popularity when it was adopted by VSCO girls online, much like the tea, and I oop, and sksksk terms.

Some examples of when you would use periodt include when talking passionately about fashion, celebrities you stan, and fictional characters you ship. Or you may use it when you want to end a heated discussion with your final opinion.


JT needs to be canceled for what he did to Britney. Periodt!
K-Pop periodt tweet
K-Pop periodt tweet

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Updated February 22, 2021

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