What does PYHOOYA stand for?

Pull your head out of your a**


PYHOOYA stands for "pull your head out of your a**," which is a slang way of telling someone to pay attention. You may see it online, in emails, and in texts, especially in arguments that become intense.

Some instances where you may encounter this acronym include discussing politics on social media, asking for help in the wrong thread of an online forum, getting dommed when gaming, receiving a scathing email from an angry boss, or just perusing the comments section for any YouTube video ever.

PYHOOYA is crude and mean so be careful who you send it to, because the recipient may get offended and just escalate the intensity of the situation. Also, the acronym is somewhat long and obscure so it may just confuse the recipient instead of getting a stern point across.


PYHOOYA and send some troops to my base!

In case you don't know what PYHOOYA looks like...

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Updated December 10, 2020

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