What does quaranteam mean?

A small group that socializes in-person during COVID-19

A quaranteam is a small group of people who have chosen to socialize with each other (and only each other) in-person during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the pandemic's first (and hopefully only) winter approaching, many people who formerly socialized outdoors are now forming quaranteams, allowing them to continue interacting with others in-person.

Those who live alone are most likely to form or join quaranteams, either by actually moving in with others or establishing ground rules that preclude team members from socializing outside the team's "social bubble." Forming a quaranteam, and allowing yourself to hang out with at least some other people, can be beneficial for your mental health, but it may also put your team at increased risk of contracting the coronavirus. So before you form or join a quaranteam, be sure your team understands how to "bubble up" successfully.


I invited a few friends to come live with me for the winter ... I'm really digging our quaranteam so far
Eventually, your quaranteam might get on your nerves
Eventually, your quaranteam might get on your nerves

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Updated December 24, 2020

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