Zoom Town

What is a Zoom town?

A town that many remote workers are moving to

A Zoom town is a small community that is growing quickly due to the rise of remote work. During the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists noticed that many newly-remote workers were moving out of cities and into less-urban areas. Combining the name of the Zoom video conferencing app with the term "boom town," journalists dubbed these quickly-growing rural communities "Zoom towns."

While rona sped the rise of WFH policies and Zoom towns, some remote workers had begun moving out of major cities even before the pandemic hit. Largely, these workers and their pandemic-era brethren chose to settle in towns of less than 100,000 people, located either in or near popular vacation destinations and natural areas. Some Zoom towns are now feeling the strain of their increased populations, and may soon become just as overburdened and unaffordable as the cities remote workers had left.


Housing prices here are through the roof because we're a Zoom town. An hour-and-a-half from the city, beautiful landscapes. It's a great place to WFH
Are you considering moving to a Zoom town?
Are you considering moving to a Zoom town?

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Updated December 24, 2020

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