Quiet Quitting

What is quiet quitting?

Only doing the minimum requirements for a job

Quiet quitting is a trend that became popular in 2022, where employees choose only to do the minimum requirements for their job instead of going above and beyond. The movement is partially the result of covid, The Great Resignation, and people's commitment to preserving their mental health.

Quiet quitters consciously choose to avoid the "hustle culture" to protect their personal lives, even if it means it may hurt their careers. Instead of working longer hours or picking up extra responsibilities, they only complete the required hours and tasks.

While people who quietly quit do it for themselves, the choice may affect others. For example, employers have to adjust their expectations of their employees' productivity, and co-workers may need to pick up the slack. While anyone may quietly quit, it is especially common among Gen Zers and Millennials.


Raul is quiet quitting his job because his boss keeps working him into the ground
Wow, good for him
Employee quiet quitting her job by calling in sick to go to a concert
Employee quiet quitting her job by calling in sick to go to a concert

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Updated August 23, 2022

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