Blue-collar Boomerang

What does blue-collar boomerang mean?

Workers returning to their blue-collar jobs

Blue-collar boomerang refers to a wave of workers returning to blue-collar jobs they previously vacated due to covid. The trend gained prominence in January 2023 as economists predicted that many of the jobs blue-collared workers started during covid would be terminated in 2023, leaving the workers to return to their previous jobs.

As covid emerged in 2020, many blue-collar workers left their jobs (typically lower-educated jobs with manual labor or hourly compensation) for fear of contracting the coronavirus. Many of these workers pursued lower-entry white-collar jobs (higher-educated, less labor-intensive salary jobs) that emerged in the tech and finance sectors. However, as the economy took a downturn in 2023, many white-collar jobs were cut, pushing many workers to return to their previous blue-collar jobs.

The boomerang in the name comes from the flight path of an actual boomerang when a person throws it away from themselves, and then it returns. Also, blue-collar boomerang is one of several economy-related terms birthed from covid, including "The Great Resignation" and "quiet quitting."


Hopefully, the blue-collar boomerang is good for the economy
Agreed. My son is going back to his mechanic job, and I don't want a boomerang kid

Worker leaving their blue-collar job then returning like an actual boomerang

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Updated February 8, 2023

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