Red Cup Day

What is Red Cup Day?

The day Starbucks gives away its new holiday cup

Starbucks aficionados know that Red Cup Day is the day Sbux gives out each year's new, reusable holiday cup. This "celebration" typically falls on the Thursday before Thanksgiving (a prime example of Christmas creep).

On Red Cup Day, customers who order a holiday drink, such as a Peppermint Mocha or Toasted White Hot Chocolate, are given that drink in a free, reusable holiday-themed cup. Many people view these cups as collectors' items, and so flock to (some would say overwhelm) their local Starbucks on Red Cup Day.

In 2022, workers affiliated with Starbucks Workers United, a union of Starbucks employees, organized a strike at over 100 Starbucks on Red Cup Day. These workers, who hoped their strike would move forward negotiations with Starbucks, referred to the day as the Red Cup Rebellion. To commemorate the strike, the workers gave out their own red cups.


You excited for Red Cup Day?!
I don't think I'm going this year; it's always so crazy
Remember to be kind to your local Sbux workers on Red Cup Day
Remember to be kind to your local Sbux workers on Red Cup Day

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Updated November 17, 2022

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