What is a requestion?

A question that is actually a request

A requestion is a request disguised as a question. For example, you may ask your friend if he is eating cookies, but you are actually saying that you want to eat those cookies.

Requestions are a strategic way to indirectly or passively communicate that you want something. People often use the tactic to be polite when they think that directly asking for something is rude.

Not to stereotype women, but wives and girlfriends are well known for asking their partners about something as a way to say that they want it done. For example, your wife might say, "Is that mantel ready to be hung on the fireplace?" when really, she's saying, "You need to hang that mantel."


I heard that requestion from Katie. You better do it or she might break up with you

Deciphering the true meaning behind a requestion

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Updated November 11, 2021

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