What is a requel?

A movie featuring elements from a previous film

A requel is a movie that includes subject matter from a previous movie in the franchise but is not a remake or a direct continuation of the plot of a previous movie (like a sequel or prequel). Some examples of requels include Jurassic World, Ghostbusters, Halloween, Scream, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

It is not clear who coined the "requel" term, but it dates back to the mid-2000s. Passionate movie fans, known as cinephiles, have adopted the term as a descriptor for movies that are different from sequels, prequels, or remakes but possess similar traits. You will most likely see cinephiles use the term when discussing movies online on forums like Reddit or 4chan.

What makes a movie a requel vs. a sequel?

Requels typically provide fresh ideas that include a nod to ideas or characters from previous installments. The primary traits that make a movie a requel are:

  • It does not continue the main plot from a previous movie as a sequel does.
  • It focuses on new characters but may also include characters from a previous movie in supporting roles (often as fan service).
  • It may discard events from a previous movie in the franchise to steer in a new direction, like Jurassic World, but is not a total reboot.


Hollywood is greenlighting so many requels that appeal to 90s kids
I know, isn't it great! Move over boomers!
Scream requel tweet
Scream requel tweet

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Updated June 9, 2022

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