What is ridic short for?


When something is crazy or unbelievable, people may describe it as "ridic," which is short for "ridiculous." You may see the abbreviation online or in text messages or hear it spoken aloud.

People that say "ridic" are typically teenagers or young adults, such as teenage guy jocks or valley girls. They often use it to describe something crazy in a cool way, like when an athlete performs a fantastic feat or when someone does something incredibly generous for another person, like buying a car.

However, people may use it to react to something negative. For example, if they think a parent is unfairly punishing them, they might say, "You are being ridic!"


That's so ridic how Ryan dumped Jill without telling her why
An utterly ridic view of the river
An utterly ridic view of the river

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Updated January 11, 2022

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