FO has 2 meanings
1. What does FO stand for?

Far out

A phrase that was pretty common in the 1970s, which was several years before online chat was available.


Those new sneakers are fo!

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Updated August 7, 2013
2. What does FO stand for?

Freaking out

The acronym FO can stand for "freaking out." If someone tells you that you're FO, they think you're stressing out too much.

The phrase "freaking out" comes from 1960s counterculture, in which hippies and other LSD users used the term to refer to a negative reaction to their psychotropic drug of choice. From there, people began applying the term to other irrational, paranoid, or stress-related behavior.


He was FO over what was just a small misunderstanding.

Don't FO; everything's cool

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Updated October 27, 2020

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