What does roaching mean when dating?

Secretly dating many romantic partners at the same time

Roaching is when a person secretly sexually engages with many partners at the same time. The term comes from cockroaches, where when you find one, you typically find more. And in this context, when you find that your partner has another partner, you will also find more when you dig deeper.

Where did roaching come from?

AskMen coined the term, which gained popularity in June 2021 to describe the polyamorous dating trend. Roaching is supposed to sound gross because that is typically how a partner feels when discovering that a partner secretly has many other sexual partners.

Is roaching the same as cheating?

Roaching isn't necessarily cheating because it often occurs before two partners define their relationship as "exclusive." However, if the exclusive relationship has already been established, then yes, roaching is definitely cheating.

How do I know if I'm being roached?

The telltale signs that you are being roached are that your partner is secretive, doesn't want to make (or keep) plans, and doesn't want to get into a serious relationship. Roachers are typically very active on dating apps, like Tinder and Bumble, and are just looking to hook up and don't want anything beyond a casual relationship.


Shawna discovered Enrique was roaching and she kicked him to the curb

Common reaction to roaching

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Updated August 17, 2021

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