Hook Up

What does hook up mean?

To be physically intimate with another person

To hook up with someone is to become physically intimate with a person who is not your significant other (SO). It typically involves sexual activity but may be limited to just kissing in more innocent contexts.

Where did "hook up" come from?

The term gained popularity in the late-1990s as casual sex became a more accepted norm among adults. It is similar to "pairing up," and is loosely based on the "hooker" term, which is slang for a prostitute, to highlight the casualness of the situation and the propensity for the encounter to be with someone you are not in a relationship with.

Who uses the "hook up" phrase?

The phrase is well-known enough that adults of all ages may use it. However, it is most often used by teenagers and young adults, especially those in college, to refer to the act of "getting together" with someone. They may also use it as a noun ("hookup" or "hook-up") to refer to an actual encounter with another person. For example, "Did you hear about Antoine's hookup last night?"

Teens and young adults may also use the HU acronym when talking about hooking up online, especially on social media, in a dating app, like Tinder, or text messages.


I can't believe he hooked up with that rando at the bar last nite

Ryan realizing the gravity of his mistake

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Updated April 20, 2021

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