What does ROFLTRABTD stand for?

Rolling on floor laughing, thinking Republicans are better than Democrats

ROFLTRABTD stands for "rolling on floor laughing, thinking Republicans are better than Democrats." It is a politically-oriented version of ROTFL that is typically used online and in text messages.

Since the acronym is very long and most likely confusing to the recipient, not many people use it. It is typically used among friends who are politically active.

ROFLTRABTD is most often used by conservatives when sharing about something Democrats did that made them laugh. It may be a variety of things, such as a new bill proposed by Democrats, a Democratic Presidential nominee debate, or a tweet by a Democrat politician.

Be aware that some people may confuse the acronym to mean that you are laughing at Republicans instead of Democrats if they don't notice the comma. They may read it as that you are rolling on the floor laughing because you were thinking that Republicans are better than Democrats.


Did you just watch the Democratic debate on CNN? ROFLTRABTD!

A person rolling on the floor laughing at Democrats

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Updated October 23, 2020

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