What does FOFLMAO stand for?

Falling on the floor laughing my a** off


FOFLMAO is a combination of FOFL and LMAO that people use online and in texts to describe very funny or amusing things. For example, if you captured a hilarious video of your dog watching the TV, you might text it to your brother with, "FOFLMAO!"

Not many people use FOFLMAO since it is so long, and there are shorter alternatives for communicating laughter or amusement. Examples include the classic haha, ROFL, and PMP options.

However, if you really want to emphasize your laughter, FOFLMAO or another long combination acronym will work. Options include ROFLMAO and OMGROFLMAO.


I was foflmao after watching that yt video
There's a whole series of them. U should check em out

Peter Griffin FOFLMAO

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Updated August 15, 2023

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