What does S2R mean in messages and online?

Send to receive

S2R is shorthand for when a person sends something with the expectation that the person receiving it will send something in return. People often use it online or in messages when wanting to swap pictures with the people they are messaging.

For example, if a man meets a woman online but doesn't know what she looks like, he may send her a picture of himself with "S2R?" Sometimes, people send S2R when they want to exchange explicit pictures.

People may also use S2R when they are looking to send something important they want a person to receive (and perhaps acknowledge that they received it). For example, you may send a co-worker, "S2R ten files in the next five minutes."


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You may receive S2R when people are looking to swap pictures
You may receive S2R when people are looking to swap pictures

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Updated July 12, 2023

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