What is an msg?


An "msg" is a message, which may be spoken, shown, written, or typed. Examples of a msg include an email, instant message (IM), text, social DM, symbol, hand signal, error communication, or a written note in a bottle.

Since the dawn of time, people have communicated through verbal and nonverbal messages. But it wasn't until texting and online chatting came along in the 1990s and 2000s that people began using the "msg" abbreviation.

With the expansion of the Internet and mobile communication, people began messaging in all sorts of new and innovative ways for both personal and professional purposes. Some examples include emails, chatrooms, social media messages, video chats, and AIM, of course.

While people typically use msg as a noun, they may also use it as a verb, like "msging" (messaging), "msgd" (messaged), or "msgs" (messages).


Did u get the msg about the game 2nite?

Msg sent on the information superhighway, aka the Internet

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Updated November 15, 2021

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