What is samzd short for?

Still amazed

Samzd is when you are still hung up on something really amazing. It is an abbreviation for the combination of "still" and "amazed."

When do you use samzd?

The abbreviation is especially helpful when communicating your dumbfoundedness online or in text messages about something that happened. It may have been something idiotic that a person said or a crazy car crash that happened on your way to work.

It's primarily meant to be used to react again to something. So you wouldn't use it immediately after something awe-inspiring took place. Instead, it is used when you still cannot get over the craziness of what happened, whether it be 5 hours, several days, or many weeks later.


I am samzd how well you did on that test!

That samzd expression

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Updated April 19, 2021

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