What does awesomesauce mean?

Super awesome

Awesomesauce is an expression of awe, excitement, and admiration that is a step above "awesome." For example, a man riding a unicycle while playing the harmonica is awesome, whereas a man riding a unicycle while playing the harmonica with a parrot on his shoulder is awesomesauce.

It is unclear who coined awesomesauce, but Strong Bad, a character in the Homestar Runner web series, popularized it in the early-2000s. The term caught on, and people, mainly teenagers, began using it in person and online.

As the term became popular, so did the backlash over its over-usage. Therefore, be careful who you use it with because it may trigger an irrational reaction of disgust and contempt.


That guy is awesomesauce. I got nothing more to say
Agreed. He's the best!
An encouraging awesomesauce tweet
An encouraging awesomesauce tweet

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Updated September 26, 2022

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