What does supes mean online and in messages?


Supes (pronounced "soups") is a playful substitute for "super" that people often use on social media, when texting, and in person (which can really annoy some people). It's unclear who popularized it, but it grew in usage on social media in the early 2010s, along with totes.

People, especially tween girls, may use supes in various ways. For example, your friend might use supes to emphasize the importance of something when texting you, "Supes important that you call me RIGHT AWAY."

Others may use supes when describing something adorbs. For example, "Your house is supes adorbs!"


Did u c that little puppy?!?
OMG, it was supes adorbs!!
Supes mad tweet about people using supes
Supes mad tweet about people using supes

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Updated March 7, 2023

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