What does secks mean?


Secks is a phonetic spelling of "sex" primarily used online to avoid security filters or just sound cool. It typically refers to intercourse but may also refer to the biological reproduction trait differentiating between male and female.

Where did secks come from?

There is no clear origin for secks, but it gained popularity in the early-2000s in online forums and text messages. Netizens commonly used it throughout the 2000s and into the 2010s when messaging online, like in chatrooms and social media.

Who uses secks?

Mostly teens and young adults use secks, and they typically utilize it online and in text messages. They may use it to refer covertly to sexual-related topics, so third parties, such as parental units or security filters, don't detect them. They may also use "53x" or "seggs" (became popular in 2020) instead of secks.


I can't believe people talk about secks so freely. It creeps me out
Secks appeal tweet
Secks appeal tweet

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Updated December 16, 2021

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