What does seggs mean?


Seggs is a covert term for "sex" often used to skirt social media detection or online forum and parental security filters. The code word comes from the verbal pronunciation of "sex" but replaces the "x" sound with "ggs."

Where did seggs come from?

It is not clear who coined the term, but various 4chan and Twitter users utilized it throughout the 2010s. It then gained prominence in 2020 (and into 2021) on TikTok when "#seggs" began trending on TikTok, with many users posting "would you rather" questions in their TikToks.

Who uses seggs?

Teens and young adults predominantly use seggs online or when texting to discuss intercourse discreetly. They may also use "secks" and "53x."


Seggs is a big deal. You should really talk to your parents about it
Tweet including seggs
Tweet including seggs

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Updated December 16, 2021

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