What does self-report mean in Among Us?

Reporting your own kill

In Among Us, to self-report means to report your own kill to the Crewmates. As the game's Imposters strike down real Crewmates, they sometimes self-report in an attempt to gain the remaining crew's trust. (After all, no one would report a murder they committed, would they?)

For example, an Imposter may kill a Crewmate, escape the scene of the crime via a vent, and then circle back to "discover" and report the kill. Ideally, the Imposter would "happen" upon the body alongside another witness, further selling the fact that they only discovered the murder, and did not commit it.

While this tactic worked well in Among Us's infancy, most players now understand that Imposters sometimes self-report in order to divert suspicion from themselves. For that reason, you'll often see Crewmates say "self report" or "self-report" during the game's elimination meetings, when they are suspicious that the person who reported a murder is actually an Imposter.


Who reported?
Saw Red in that room twice

The result of an injudicious self-report

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Updated December 30, 2020

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