What is sitch short for?


Sitch is another way to refer to a situation, whether it be a physical location or the state of affairs. It is typically heard in-person but may also be seen online or in texts to abbreviate "situation."

Where does "sitch" come from?

"Sitch" comes from the pronunciation of the first three letters of "situation," which is confusing for non-English speakers. The abbreviation dates back to at least the 1950s. It has been used in various pop culture pieces, such as Walk Toward the Rainbow (1954 novel that Boomers may know), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1990s and 2000s TV show that Millennials may know, and Kim Possible (2000s Disney cartoon TV show that Millennials may also know).

Who uses "sitch"?

Adults and teens may use sitch. It is a well-known abbreviation that crosses generations and is typically used by friends.

When do people use "sitch"?

People typically use sitch when asking about the current state of affairs, like what the plans are for going to dinner tonight or when to meet up for the movie. It may also be used when describing the set-up of a physical location, like how many beds are in the hotel room or what work equipment is available at the construction site.


What's the sitch with our plans tonight?

Famous Kim Possible quote

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Updated March 23, 2021

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