What does skol mean?

Good health

Skol is a Scandinavian greeting similar to cheers that means "good health." People often use the term to toast or salute a person.

Many Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish people utter "skol" when drinking to good health. However, it appears as "skål" in Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish. People also use "skál" in Iceland.

Some believe that real Vikings said "skol" during the middle ages. Norse mythology claims that it comes from "skoll", which is the human skull of a fallen enemy that the victorious Vikings would drink from as a sign of respect. However, historians have debunked this claim.

In sports, the Minnesota Vikings NFL team and their fans chant "skol" to urge the team on to victory. The football team uses it in their "Skol, Vikings" fight song, and fans often salute each other with the saying in person and on social sites, like Twitter and Facebook.


To long life and happiness. Skol!

Skol is often used when drinking a beverage

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Updated April 1, 2022

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