What does skint mean?


Skint is British slang for broke. You might encounter this term while talking with cash-strapped members of the United Kingdom via text, social media, or online chat.

Origin of skint

Skint is a variation of skinned, which is British slang for being stripped of all your money and other possessions (usually via gambling or theft). This meaning of skinned has been around since at least the 1700s.

When said quickly (or with various accents), skinned sounds like skint. Because skint is easier to write and quicker to say, it eventually became more popular than skinned - and took on the added meaning of broke.


Can you lend me a bit of cash? My paycheck is coming in late
Sorry, I'm totally skint myself right now
Skint means broke
Skint means broke

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Updated June 23, 2023

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