What does SoD mean when discussing Android devices?

Sleep of death

Android smartphone users use SoD to refer to the dreaded "sleep of death," in which an Android device will not wake from sleep no matter what the user does. This bug has multiple potential causes, but most often occurs when a device loses its Wi-Fi connection while asleep.

If a device falls victim to the SoD, it will not wake when a user presses the device's home or power button. Instead, it will continue to show a black screen indefinitely. While users have found many workarounds to the SoD (including "automatically wake my device" apps and changing their device's Wi-Fi connection settings), it remains an intermittent issue to this day.


My phone hit the SoD, so I have to take it to the IT gal
A user discussing the SoD in XDA's forums
A user discussing the SoD in XDA's forums

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Updated March 15, 2022

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