What is the BSoD?

Blue screen of death

Unlucky Microsoft Windows users know the pain of encountering the BSoD, or Blue Screen of Death. Windows shows this infamous screen (different between versions, but always blue with light text) after the system crashes as a result of a fatal error.

The BSoD has been around since Windows NT 3.1, but has been updated several times over the years. In the past, the BSoD showed users a lot of complicated text, explaining exactly why their computer crashed and what they could do about it. This text, however, intimidated novice users (and contributed to the BSoD's frightening reputation). Now, the BSoD simply shows a sad face emoticon and a generic error message.


My computer's thrown the BSoD three times this week. I think it might be circling the drain
Did you install anything new recently?
One of the infamous blue screens of death
One of the infamous blue screens of death

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Updated April 11, 2023

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