Spear Phishing

What is spear phishing?

Targeted phishing attack

Spear phishing is a cyber attack targeted toward specific individuals, a group of individuals, or an organization to steal financial or personal information. It features personalized information, which differs from traditional phishing attacks that employ a vaguer, scattershot approach.

The name comes from spearfishing, which involves a spear being hurled at fish to kill them. Spear phishing typically incorporates personalized information a user has shared in emails and social media that an attacker gathers and compiles to craft a custom attack.

What does spear phishing look like?

Attackers may spear phish in various ways, but the most common method is a direct email that includes a malicious file attachment or link and requests urgent action from the victim. The best way to combat spear-phishing attacks is to verify the sender's identity by contacting them directly.


I almost got tricked by a spear phishing email but verified that the sender's address was illegitimate.
Tweet warning about spear phishing
Tweet warning about spear phishing

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Updated June 1, 2022

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