What does skinny mean?


If someone asks you about the "skinny," they aren't looking for a new diet fad to lose weight; they are looking for information. Skinny may refer to all types of information, including cold, hard facts, insider information, friend gossip, and sports rumors.

For example, your friend may ask, "what's the skinny on those concert tix tonight?" when looking to see if you obtained them. Or, the QB for your favorite team may have gotten hurt, and you ask a sports reporter on social media, "You got the skinny on the Vikings' QB replacement?"

Origin of skinny

The origin of the "skinny" slang term is unclear. However, several sources point to it coming from the military, likely during World War 2 (1940s), when soldiers urgently needed straight, bare-bone (skinny) facts.


just give me the skinny on what happened between rachel and ross
they broke up, got back together, broke up again, then finally got back together again
We all need to know the skinny on men's watch fashion
We all need to know the skinny on men's watch fashion

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Updated October 31, 2023

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